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    Terms and Conditions


    HFS Sport is located in sunny San Diego, so on West Coast time. Don’t worry, if you can’t reach us by phone (1-800-604-2853), leave a message or e:mail us (info@hfssport.com and we’ll call/respond within 24 hours!)


    Standard shipping rates apply for US, some items e.g. Field Hockey GK gear have slightly higher shipping due to size of item. Adjustments for larger items, such as goalkeeping gear, will be made. Please feel free to email info@hfssport.com with queries.

    International shipping is available, international shipping rates apply.Email for details.

    Please note we cannot ship to the following countries - UK, Chile and France.


    Returns are accepted on unused, unworn and perfect condition items if something didn’t work out for you. These can be sent within 30 days of receipt to:

    HFS Sport
    114, C Avenue (No 217)
    CA 92118

    Customers will not be refunded the cost of shipping they paid, nor the cost of the return shipping if the return is not the fault of HFS. For example, ordering the wrong shoe size or simply don’t like the product. Customers are advised to carefully review the sizing information supplied on the webpages to ensure you order the correct size. HFS will use official conversion charts and not those of anywhere else.


    While it may be frustrating if we advise you an item you ordered is not currently in stock. As an online retailer we are entitled by law to display items we have a reasonable expectation can be supplied within 30 days. Normally our suppliers advise us when something runs out of stock, but if not we work on the basis that it can be supplied. In the event you do not want another item you will be fully refunded.